Cleveland Park

Welcome to Cleveland Park

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Cleveland Park is of local and national significance as an early “streetcar suburb” of Washington. Landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, whose genius was responsible not only for Central Park in New York City, but also Rock Creek Park, created a picturesque and charming plan for Cleveland Park. The neighborhood enjoyed its halcyon days between 1890 and 1930, which is clear from its diversity of building styles. Cleveland Park is named in honor of President Grover Cleveland whose country house, Oak View, stood in the heart of this neighborhood. More than a century ago, it was home to many summer retreats, where Washingtonians could escape the heat and congestion of downtown. Spanning Connecticut Avenue and bordered by Rock Creek Park, the neighborhood offers a variety of housing choices from large, single-family houses to high-end condominiums and co-operative apartments. Cleveland Park is home to the National Cathedral and many renown schools, as well as the Macomb Street Playground, regarded by many as among the best in the city.

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